Fixed Indexed annuities

Men and women across all of the Tampa Bay Area within Florida work hard during their prime years to take care of their family. They also hope to save for their retirement and spend their golden years peacefully. However, lack of finances can have a detrimental effect and prevent you from living life to its fullest. A variety of investment programs are available to help you plan for retirement, and we can guide you through some of them.

As part of our retirement services, we offer fixed indexed annuities. They are immensely popular among our clients. These programs are similar to insurance plans. You pay small monthly premiums and receive the amount back after your retirement. Some plans allow you to redeem the amount early. 

When you contact Kathy Cacciola Insurance Service, we will look at different fixed indexed annuities available in the market today. Our agents will describe every plan in detail and help you understand the fine print. We understand that we work for you and not the insurance companies. We will, therefore, keep your interests in mind and recommend fixed indexed annuities that suit your needs.

Even if we believe we know which product is best for you, we will never push you through the process. We are consultants and we want you to make the final decision. We have helped hundreds of individuals and couples plan for retirement. You could be next. Benefit from our expert advice and choose a fixed indexed annuity that is right for you. Meet our qualified agents today.

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Kathy Cacciola Insurance Service is a Tampa Bay based company serving Hernando, Hillsborough, Pasco, Citrus, and Pinellas County residents within Florida for over twelve years. We provide healthcare insurance, universal life insurance, and Medicare supplemental insurance, and fixed indexed annuities.